Vaping, a better way to Smoke in 2017!

The Best Cannabis Vaporizers in 2017

There are various ways to consume cannabis; it is possible to ingest it, to smoke it or to vaporize it, among others.

In this article, we will try to explain what vaporization is, what are its benefits, and which types of cannabis strains are ideal for vaporizing. We will also see the different types of vaporizers most commonly available on the market.

What is cannabis vaping?

Vaporizing consists of subjecting the cannabis to a temperature lower than the combustion temperature, 220 ° – 240º approximately, and inhaling the vapors that escape from it. The ideal vapor temperature of cannabis is between 180 ° C and 210 ° C.

The first information we have about the vapor of marijuana comes from ancient Egypt, where cannabis, among other aromatic herbs, was placed on a hot stone so that a good odor, like a kind of deodorant, spreads.

Why Vaporize Cannabis?

the crafty vaporizerThe vapors released from combustion contain a lot of harmful gases and many carcinogenic components, including carbon monoxide, tar, benzene or toluene, among others.

When we burn cannabis, its structure goes from 70 elements that the plant contains, to more than 400 components that are then derived from the burning of marijuana. One study shows that 95% of the vapor is made up of THC when vaping cannabis, while by smoking it only 13% of the smoke contains cannabinoids, the rest is composed of by-products of combustion, the majority being Of carcinogenic hydrocarbons.

People who are close to us are also intoxicated if the cannabis is smoked. They then become passive smokers.

Types of Vaporizers

Many vaporizers are available in the market today, of different types and with various methods for evaporation of plant components.

Portable Vapes

desktop vapes are greatPortable vaporizers are those that have a rechargeable battery, they have a range, and can be transported by the user with great ease. There are many portable vaporizers, such as Ascent DaVinci, Arizer, MiniVAP, Crafty, Mighty …

The Arizer vaporizer is compact and has a 2-hour battery life when used at low temperatures with a glass absorption tube, which helps to cool the smoke. The new model of this vaporizer subjects the cannabis to medium heat in direct contact with a hot ceramic plate and has five temperatures ranging from 180º to 210º.

The portable vaporizer that we love very much and that a large part of the team uses for various cannabis tastings is the Ascent DaVinci. It is a very versatile portable vaporizer. His 3 hours of autonomy make him a perfect ally for an afternoon with friends, and a good herb.

With it, you can regulate the temperature from 160º to 220º and enjoy all the flavor and effects of marijuana.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vapes are perfect for consuming cannabis in good company when you are at home, or elsewhere you have electricity to connect them. They have a larger size compared to portable vaporizers but do not depend on batteries.

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