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Problems to Look for Before Buying a House

Whether you have found a deal too good to be true or have decided ahead of time to cave in and pay more than you should, you actually can avoid many common problems that just seem to be a natural and expected part of the real estate process. All you have to do is avoid being distracted by the estate agent and maintain a laser-like focus on some of the areas that most commonly need servicing.


Not just taps in a general sense, of course, but an entirely particular disorder that may be indicative of more serious problems with your dream home than are apparent. Make a mission of actually checking every faucet in the house for dripping. Do not be afraid of being rude; leaky faucets are more than just an annoyances, they are a metaphor. That sound that gradually transforms from annoying to an unheard facet of white noise is the sound of money emptying out of your bank account. What seems little more than minor drip today could very well turn out to be a major leak tomorrow.


Few accessories have led to worse home buying decisions than beautiful window treatments. Do not under any circumstances be led astray by gorgeous drapes, beautiful curtains or fancy shades. It is incumbent upon your future happiness to peer past such facades in search of what they may be hiding. Problems like sagging or cracking of the sash that will beyond any doubt cost you big down the road.


No, not what the buyers are eating when you the estate agents ring you up around supper time. A house is a house, but a home is a house with a yard. Do not miss the opportunity to check out landscaping features like trees, vines, flower gardens, bushes, shrubs and, of course, the grass. Inspect every last inch of greenery for tell-tale evidence of insect infestation, dead branches, brown patches in the yard, blight, termites and even just plain old unsightly upkeep that has only recently been given a quick once-over. Check the yard not only for direct evidence of how problems might affect the house itself such as termites or limbs falling on the roof but also for systemic lack of upkeep that most likely translates into an equitable lack of regular maintenance behind the closed doors.

Outdoor Structure

The same deal with the yard applies to other outside elements. Driveways, walkways and patios all add to the kerb appeal of a home but are also prone to cracks and other costly damages. Minor cracks are normal but don’t attribute any excessive impairments as natural. An overabundance of fissures, chips, potholes and other deficiencies are more likely the consequence of shoddy workmanship that you will eventually be the one paying for on down the road.