Hiring Event Furniture For Your Special Day

After a lot of request from our corporate readers and following our annual convention in Sydney in November, we wanted to share this article with you.

Many items go into an event as important as a wedding or other special occasion. Most such occasions are one-time events, and the expectations can be enormous. In the case of business, a reputation can stand or fall on the success of a large event.

Putting together an event can also be expensive if you want it to be personalised and a win. Renting furniture pieces for a big event can help to control the cost while still allowing you to make the occasion truly your own.

Wide Choice Of Furniture

Most people think of folding chairs and tables for event furniture, but there is much more available than this. Here is an example of some of the furniture that can be rented for a special event:

  • Conventional Folding Chairs
  • Tiffany Chairs
  • Plastic Stackable Chairs
  • Stackable Bar Tools
  • Dry Bar Tables
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Settees
  • Lockable Cupboards
  • Religious Altar
  • Podium
  • Dance Floors
  • Registration Table
  • Showcases
  • Portable Entertainment Stage

Event furniture that can be rented is as diverse as the different types of occasions it serves. Also, accessories can be rented to go with the furniture for large events, such as privacy screening, coat racks, mirrors or plastic bins.

Renting Wedding Furniture

Most couples want to have a lot of input into the details of their wedding day celebration. Reception halls can be impersonal, and depending on where you rent the space for your wedding and reception, furniture and decorations may be minimal.

Couples may also want to hold their event outdoors or in a private location. It makes sense to rent event furniture from one company, instead of trying to borrow it from several friends or family. You can choose only the types of furniture you need for your event, in the styles you want. Since weddings are often themed in certain colours and styles, this is a significant benefit.

Furniture For Business or Corporate Events

First impressions count in business. Why leave the first impressions up to the venue where you will be holding your event? Renting your business or exhibition furniture and accessories gives you the opportunity to display your company in the way you want to customers, employees, and other businesses. Business furniture can be rented quickly, with most companies offering prompt nationwide delivery to your scheduled location.

Renting event furniture helps to make a big occasion stress-free. It also allows you to create the kind of celebration you want for the big day.