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GMail: new version enhances security and privacy

gmail by google Google is evolving with their infamous Gmail, its email software, in form and content, with new options to control the transfer, copying, downloading or printing of a message.

At a time when not a day goes by without talking about security and privacy issues regarding email software and social networks, Google is announcing that it has strengthened the security and privacy of its email software, GMail.

When sending e-mails, Gmail now includes a confidential mode that allows you to send a message with an expiry date of up to 7 days, which can be useful for sensitive documents sent. And, to go further when it comes to security, access by SMS for an e-mail is configurable via this same mode.

A dose of artificial intelligence

Google pushes the idea until having the possibility to block the transfer, the copy, the download or the printing of a message (what about the screenshot in this last case?), to avoid any unfortunate gesture of the recipient. Another improvement regarding user experience is the presence of artificial intelligence. For example, the playback pane shows a small reminder message to reply or not to a message, an exciting feature for all those who receive dozens of emails per day minimum.

In another genre, the Web version of Gmail is enhanced with Smart Reply functionality, available only in the mobile application until now. This one proposes ready-made answers to save time when it is necessary.

Concerning the interface, Gmail has undergone a certain facelift for more simplicity in its use. In the playback pane, four actions are directly accessible by simple icons without having to open the e-mail: archive, delete, mark as read and set to sleep. To activate this new version of Gmail, click on the Interface Settings button then on “Try the new version of Gmail.”

Find more on this new version of Google’s most acclaimed service:

Bitcoin: speculative hysteria or technological revolution?


The crazy rise of Bitcoin continues. The price of the virtual currency, whose name arouses a fever in the media and on the stock markets, continues to rise, surpassing the symbolic threshold of $8,000 on November 21 while it was still worth $3,000 last June.

If we recall that the e-money was trading for $1 in 2010, the increase is impressive, but we must also remember that the price of Bitcoin also fell sharply in 2011 and 2013 and has experienced very rapid fluctuations since then.

However, the mad race for growth that has been going on since the beginning of the year 2017 and the symbolic passage of the $8,000 suggests to all those who profess an unshakeable faith in the new digital god that it will make them millionaires. On the contrary, other observers predict the imminent bursting of this new speculative bubble or insist on the fact that changes in the price of Bitcoin are decided by a small number of players, some 70 investment funds that make and break the prices as they wish. You can even buy Bitcoin with Paypal like explained here

This new technology opens up vivid and fascinating perspectives and a speculative fury that bodes well for a crash.

The current situation is not so far removed from the hysteria triggered in the 1990s by the beginnings of the Internet. In both cases, a new technology that few still understand, vagueness and fascination, and speculative fury that bodes well for a crash.

The bursting of the first “Internet bubble” in March 2000 left many investors on the back burner, fewer who had managed to preserve the considerable fortunes built on sand in such a short time.

fsojgnsgnepanirueourtuuttuytyyyuProfits from 1995 to 2000 totaled $145 billion, and losses in 2000-2001 totaled $148 billion.

Without throwing into the extreme gloom of the last-minute modernists who swear by the “tablet revolution” at school or want to connect everything, from the teacher to the entrepreneur to the fridge, it remains true that in two decades, a few significant innovations have forever changed our lives and our societies.

The same type of technological leap is taking place behind the highly mediatic Bitcoin, a virtual tree that hides the forest from the real applications of the block chine principle to the economy and everyday life. What hides behind these still little-known concepts of digital currencies whose stock market adventures excite investors’ imagination? The answer is simple: an algorithm. The explanation is much less so.

The Bitcoin is an encrypted currency that allows for online peer-to-peer transactions without the intervention of a third party as an audit authority.

Android: Google collects your location continuously and sneakily

The computer giant registers the GSM cell addresses of users, even if geolocation services are disabled. This collection is expected to cease by the end of this month.

It’s not just OnePlus or Wiko that are collecting strange user data. The giant Google itself has just been caught in the bag. Quartz reporters have just revealed that Mountain View’s servers are constantly recording the GSM cell numbers of all Android smartphones. This identifier, which is specific to each operator, is automatically distributed to terminals as soon as they enter the radius of a base station. The problem is that it makes it possible to locate the user in a more or less fine way, especially if triangulation techniques are used.

Google has confirmed to Quartz the collection of this data by stating that it has never been stored. GSM cell addresses have been effectively transmitted since January 2017 to apparently “improve the speed and performance of message routing.” But in reality, this data would never have been used. Google promised he’d stop collecting it by the end of the month.

General terms of services of use are not clear.

According to a Quartz source, this collection started with the update of Firebase Cloud Messaging, a mail and notification service that has been owned by Google since 2014 and is integrated by default in all Android smartphones. It is not clear how the GSM cell number can help Google to route these messages and notifications. Quartz has found that this collection is carried out on all terminals at all times, even if the user deactivates geolocation, and even in the absence of a SIM card.

In Google’s terms of use, this collection is not specifically stated. Google only explains how to use “different technologies to locate you, including IP address, GPS signals and other sensors that allow us to identify devices, WiFi access points, and nearby relay antennas.” It would be nice if Google would abandon this vague wording and finally give more details about what it collects.

Vaping, a better way to Smoke in 2017!

The Best Cannabis Vaporizers in 2017

There are various ways to consume cannabis; it is possible to ingest it, to smoke it or to vaporize it, among others.

In this article, we will try to explain what vaporization is, what are its benefits, and which types of cannabis strains are ideal for vaporizing. We will also see the different types of vaporizers most commonly available on the market.

What is cannabis vaping?

Vaporizing consists of subjecting the cannabis to a temperature lower than the combustion temperature, 220 ° – 240º approximately, and inhaling the vapors that escape from it. The ideal vapor temperature of cannabis is between 180 ° C and 210 ° C.

The first information we have about the vapor of marijuana comes from ancient Egypt, where cannabis, among other aromatic herbs, was placed on a hot stone so that a good odor, like a kind of deodorant, spreads.

Why Vaporize Cannabis?

the crafty vaporizerThe vapors released from combustion contain a lot of harmful gases and many carcinogenic components, including carbon monoxide, tar, benzene or toluene, among others.

When we burn cannabis, its structure goes from 70 elements that the plant contains, to more than 400 components that are then derived from the burning of marijuana. One study shows that 95% of the vapor is made up of THC when vaping cannabis, while by smoking it only 13% of the smoke contains cannabinoids, the rest is composed of by-products of combustion, the majority being Of carcinogenic hydrocarbons.

People who are close to us are also intoxicated if the cannabis is smoked. They then become passive smokers.

Types of Vaporizers

Many vaporizers are available in the market today, of different types and with various methods for evaporation of plant components.

Portable Vapes

desktop vapes are greatPortable vaporizers are those that have a rechargeable battery, they have a range, and can be transported by the user with great ease. There are many portable vaporizers, such as Ascent DaVinci, Arizer, MiniVAP, Crafty, Mighty …

The Arizer vaporizer is compact and has a 2-hour battery life when used at low temperatures with a glass absorption tube, which helps to cool the smoke. The new model of this vaporizer subjects the cannabis to medium heat in direct contact with a hot ceramic plate and has five temperatures ranging from 180º to 210º.

The portable vaporizer that we love very much and that a large part of the team uses for various cannabis tastings is the Ascent DaVinci. It is a very versatile portable vaporizer. His 3 hours of autonomy make him a perfect ally for an afternoon with friends, and a good herb.

With it, you can regulate the temperature from 160º to 220º and enjoy all the flavor and effects of marijuana.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vapes are perfect for consuming cannabis in good company when you are at home, or elsewhere you have electricity to connect them. They have a larger size compared to portable vaporizers but do not depend on batteries.

This article is brought to you by CannaVapos, le site des vaporisateurs pour cannabis!

How to choose the right plumbing company

hire the right professional for the job

In a home, plumbing issues cannot be avoided. At one particular time, you may be required to seek the help of a plumber. It means that you need to hire services from an accredited plumbing company which will offer quality. Failure to do so, you may end up hiring any 24 hour plumber, and the result is paying for poor services.

The following are some of the tips to consider when choosing the best plumbing company.

Get references.

water tap and faucetThe surest way of hiring a valuable plumbing company is by asking for references from friends, family members and colleagues who have once had to hire for plumbing services. They will advice you which company to choose and give you their experiences. Also, you can ask reference from building contractors in the area.

Look for one with insurance.

A company with insurance is the best of all as you will never know when an emergency will happen. For instance, they might be repairing your heater then one of the plumber tools hits you or a family member. If the company had insurance, then you will be catered by the insurance policy. On the contrary, you will have to pay for treatment which is an unnecessary expenditure that was not in your budget.

Ensure they have a warranty.

Good plumbing companies who offer quality services have total confidence in whatever they do. As proof, they will not hesitate to issue a guarantee which is solid. Such warranties are valid for one to two years after the work is completed. Never accept services from a company which does not offer a warranty.

Are they experienced?

pipes and water systemWhen looking for a quality plumbing company, select that one which has a plumber who has been in the industry for a longer period. Experience is gathered with time, so several years’ means a lot of experience to handle complicated issues.

How do they charge?

You should look at their price list and compare their pricing with other plumbing companies in the area. But always have in mind that never leave to get quality when because of a certain company is very cheap. Note that businesses that offer very low prices mostly don’t render quality services.

What are the reviews from clients?

Check online for the company’s reviews. There are online websites that dedicate in rating companies. For instance, you can check Yellow Pages and see what clients had to comment.

Problems to Look for Before Buying a House

Whether you have found a deal too good to be true or have decided ahead of time to cave in and pay more than you should, you actually can avoid many common problems that just seem to be a natural and expected part of the real estate process. All you have to do is avoid being distracted by the estate agent and maintain a laser-like focus on some of the areas that most commonly need servicing.


Not just taps in a general sense, of course, but an entirely particular disorder that may be indicative of more serious problems with your dream home than are apparent. Make a mission of actually checking every faucet in the house for dripping. Do not be afraid of being rude; leaky faucets are more than just an annoyances, they are a metaphor. That sound that gradually transforms from annoying to an unheard facet of white noise is the sound of money emptying out of your bank account. What seems little more than minor drip today could very well turn out to be a major leak tomorrow.


Few accessories have led to worse home buying decisions than beautiful window treatments. Do not under any circumstances be led astray by gorgeous drapes, beautiful curtains or fancy shades. It is incumbent upon your future happiness to peer past such facades in search of what they may be hiding. Problems like sagging or cracking of the sash that will beyond any doubt cost you big down the road.


No, not what the buyers are eating when you the estate agents ring you up around supper time. A house is a house, but a home is a house with a yard. Do not miss the opportunity to check out landscaping features like trees, vines, flower gardens, bushes, shrubs and, of course, the grass. Inspect every last inch of greenery for tell-tale evidence of insect infestation, dead branches, brown patches in the yard, blight, termites and even just plain old unsightly upkeep that has only recently been given a quick once-over. Check the yard not only for direct evidence of how problems might affect the house itself such as termites or limbs falling on the roof but also for systemic lack of upkeep that most likely translates into an equitable lack of regular maintenance behind the closed doors.

Outdoor Structure

The same deal with the yard applies to other outside elements. Driveways, walkways and patios all add to the kerb appeal of a home but are also prone to cracks and other costly damages. Minor cracks are normal but don’t attribute any excessive impairments as natural. An overabundance of fissures, chips, potholes and other deficiencies are more likely the consequence of shoddy workmanship that you will eventually be the one paying for on down the road.

Hiring Event Furniture For Your Special Day

After a lot of request from our corporate readers and following our annual convention in Sydney in November, we wanted to share this article with you.

Many items go into an event as important as a wedding or other special occasion. Most such occasions are one-time events, and the expectations can be enormous. In the case of business, a reputation can stand or fall on the success of a large event.

Putting together an event can also be expensive if you want it to be personalised and a win. Renting furniture pieces for a big event can help to control the cost while still allowing you to make the occasion truly your own.

Wide Choice Of Furniture

Most people think of folding chairs and tables for event furniture, but there is much more available than this. Here is an example of some of the furniture that can be rented for a special event:

  • Conventional Folding Chairs
  • Tiffany Chairs
  • Plastic Stackable Chairs
  • Stackable Bar Tools
  • Dry Bar Tables
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Settees
  • Lockable Cupboards
  • Religious Altar
  • Podium
  • Dance Floors
  • Registration Table
  • Showcases
  • Portable Entertainment Stage

Event furniture that can be rented is as diverse as the different types of occasions it serves. Also, accessories can be rented to go with the furniture for large events, such as privacy screening, coat racks, mirrors or plastic bins.

Renting Wedding Furniture

Most couples want to have a lot of input into the details of their wedding day celebration. Reception halls can be impersonal, and depending on where you rent the space for your wedding and reception, furniture and decorations may be minimal.

Couples may also want to hold their event outdoors or in a private location. It makes sense to rent event furniture from one company, instead of trying to borrow it from several friends or family. You can choose only the types of furniture you need for your event, in the styles you want. Since weddings are often themed in certain colours and styles, this is a significant benefit.

Furniture For Business or Corporate Events

First impressions count in business. Why leave the first impressions up to the venue where you will be holding your event? Renting your business or exhibition furniture and accessories gives you the opportunity to display your company in the way you want to customers, employees, and other businesses. Business furniture can be rented quickly, with most companies offering prompt nationwide delivery to your scheduled location.

Renting event furniture helps to make a big occasion stress-free. It also allows you to create the kind of celebration you want for the big day.

Manage Time with Google Calendar and Google Keep

In the 21st century workplace, time is our most precious commodity. And it often feels like there’s not enough of it. You can learn how to use Google apps such as Google Keep and Calendar helps manage your schedules more efficiently.

Appointment Slots

There are several features on Google Calendar that will enhance your time management. First up are appointment slots. It’s only available for those on Google for Work or Google for Education. It’s a way for people to book time on your calendar based on a period that you specify. To set it up, click on the Calendar at the time you want the appointment slots to start and drag to the end time. When you let go, a dialog comes up. Instead of creating an event, you’ll select Appointment Slots. Type in the name and choose the duration of the free time slots. In Edit Details, you can add where the meetings are and a short description. You can add guests the normal way, but you can also just share the link. That means anyone can see the available slots on the calendar and they can then book a time by clicking an open appointment slot.

Find a Time

How are you going to get everybody in the same place at the same time? Google Calendar has two features to help you. ( One is Find a Time, and the other is Suggested Times. The method works if all the calendars are public, or if those participants have shared their calendar with you. Since you have already created an event from above, you can edit it. You’ll see the Find a Time tab. Enter the email addresses of your guests in the box on the right. On the Day view, your guests’ calendar will appear, and you can pick a time that works for everyone. You can compare several schedules at a time.

Suggest a Time

Indicate a Time is similar, but it looks at everyone’s schedule and tells you when they’re free. Here’s how you use it. Like before, create an event and add several busy people to your guest list. Instead of manually looking on the Find a Time tab, just click on the Suggested Times link. It brings up all the times when everyone can attend.

What’s the Difference Between a Task and an Event?

If you have a meeting, you’ll add that to an event, but if you have something to do, like complete a report by a certain deadline, then you’ll use that as a task. The real time-saving feature is that you can add a function directly from Gmail. If your tasks aren’t visible, click the triangle next to Gmail to bring them up. Then click the plus sign to create a new work and the arrow to edit due date and details. Remember that tasks are only visible on the calendar if you select them to show up, and they have deadlines. When a new task is prompted by an email, you can just create the job as you read the mail by clicking Morea nd Add to Tasks.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool that that enables you to capture your ideas in a shareable note form, and it has some smart features that help you manage your schedule. Notes can be text or images, and on the Android version, you can input text with your voice. When you share a note, you can see the symbol of who you’ve shared it with below. You can make time-based reminders on your notes. This is helpful if you have scheduled Hangouts or phone calls, and you need notes you made to raise during that call. On mobile devices, these notes are also geo-fenced, which means your location triggers them. It is great for time management, as you only get reminded of the task when you’re near where you need to be.

Learn how you can increase your productivity at work today with Priority Management Australia Training

Print Business Cards For Free

In case you unique a company, you want to identify powerful means to advertise your organization. Business playing cards are one in all the simplest means to create your organization identified to folks all-around you. You can move them on to your acquaintances, contacts and internet business clients. They may in turn refer their colleagues and acquaintances again to the enterprise.

You would like not fork out a great deal of income to print your enterprise playing cards. Even though you will find plenty of printing companies that demand large amounts of moolah to print them, you can easily basically get them printed freed from amount. Whereas this could possibly seem much too decent to become accurate, you can get a couple of spots over the internet in which you can find online business playing cards printing services without cost.

You will need a printing budget

Now why would everybody within their correct thoughts present to print organization cards totally free when other printing companies charge such large price levels for them? Furthermore, how will they be ready to maintain their services once they do not demand any hard earned cash for their printing service? They are several of the problems which may occur in your head as soon as you hear about a absolutely free printing service.

A few of the printing suppliers have the ability to provide their solutions without spending a dime due to the fact they get up huge volumes of printing orders. When the quantity of printing goes up, the price of printing drops significantly. Particularly when the company provides its companies without charge, a big range of consumers would opt for his or her free of cost assistance. This may improve the amount of printing, which gradually brings down printing bills.

A majority of these printing providers would also be managing professional printing careers. They would be charging significant amounts for their professional printing services. They would then divert a part of their earnings to assistance their no charge printing expert services. This is certainly one among the procedures through which printing providers regulate to supply free of cost printing companies.

For those who are a startup small business which has a limited budget, it’s best to require advantage of the vast majority of these totally free features. You will get all your cards printed totally free. And besides company playing cards, a majority of these corporations also supply printing of letterheads, post cards and greeting cards totally free. All it is advisable to pay for is shipping and delivery and dealing with.

However these internet sites furnish their assistance totally free, they use some of the finest printing technologies and high quality paper to print your business cards and letter heads. So go ahead and get yourself professional-looking home business playing cards to promote your enterprise efficiently.


Live in Color With Your Own Digital Printing Business

All through the US, just one organization which offers you hard-working business owners the prospect of being successful can be a digital printing corporation. It does take many do the trick and energy to receive precise nevertheless, so previous to dashing into it; it is usually clearly worth understanding what can make it these a possibility. You furthermore might really have to check that you are ideal for it.

The key reason a digital printing online business can become so successful and gratifying for people in the present day is simply that there’s enough interest in the support across the country. Probably the most significant sector to faucet into is inside the organization entire world, with all sorts of print services wanted by area, regional, condition and countrywide companies with a stable foundation.

A wide range of promotional products

For a lot of firms, they are going to require posters and banners for shop frontages, stalls, and displays, by way of example. Office-based organizations would need a large number of company stationery, from company cards and flyers to brochures and catalogs. Even regional tradesmen would require internet business card printing expert services and indications on occasion.

While the vast majority of trade will originate from the nearby business enterprise group, and initiatives to bring in this succeed should indeed require precedence, particular customers must also be serviced. Significantly, people have an interest in developing individualized home business cards of their possess, while communities will usually need to promote situations as a result of posters and also other displays.

Whichever potential customers are now being appeared just after, although, quite possibly an essential section of any authoritative electronic printing online business is providing a very high regular of customer service. An essential half of company shipping is revealed during the way shoppers are addressed and how very well recommended they may be with competence and proved expertise.

Creating this sort of knowledge, especially from the get go, is often tricky. It is most clearly the case using your standard commence up the home business. For that reason, making a choice on to go down the franchised electronic printing business route is fascinating.

Too as supplying most of the first workout and help, the community of other franchisees may verify priceless to accomplishment. A franchise will even be in a very much better place to provide the quite latest technological know-how to operate with, as well as be proficient while in the most recent methods to deliver a greater superior quality of products, and thereby a higher quality of support.

Get that entrepreneur mindset

With the entrepreneur, working with a franchise set-up presents countless other perks far too. Funding from financial institutions along with lenders is simpler to obtain, thanks to your validated internet business model together with the reality that franchises have a significant triumph charge. Dangers are decreased as a result of the working out and network, but also merely because mistakes are less likely as they have all been factored in on the teaching.

For your best suited everyday people, while using the best-suited mindset, a digital printing firm in modern The use is a wonderful means to acquire control of your personal everyday living. It is the perfect answer for those who regularly say to themselves, “I wish to be my very own boss.” You’ve got this competence plus a safety web of the support team together with a recognized title. Playing a part in the economic restoration of your respective vicinity along with the place is additionally an also, supplying significantly more satisfaction than a conventional 9 to 5 profession considerably at any time could.